no energy to put the fashion feedbag on

Do you have those days when fashion is the least of your concerns?  Do you think just getting to the gym or going for a walk is just a lot to think about with everything going on….well..believe it or not…when you look in the mirror and you look like a start to feel like more of a mess..and the problem

No matter how you feel put something that you love on and try to work yourself back into a more positive mood.  Being stuck, is a crisis and the only way to get unstuck, is to battle everything that is a negative..including fashion faux pas’s.  Starting with something small, such as, a better outfit…will give you a kick start.

Remember, negativity creates more negativity and besides bringing you down won’t solve the problem.


My Back or My Shoe

Fast paced and moving from here to there without a moment to catch your breath…your shoes have to hold it together and it is lately impossible to carry the look with those “boring flat shoes” .  Comfort does not work with beautiful shoes but you can try.  Have I not heard it more than once….ouch, i shouldn’t have worn those shoes last night.

For the summer, I go with FitFlops, for the winter a low heeled boot like Fyres, and  for tennis shoes…i love love love the custom fit that you can get from New Balance but for a high heeled shoe I am still at a loss

This is a suggestion to keep your feet feeling better:

Engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe to give your feet the best chance possible. Before wearing them out, wear your heels in by pulling on a pair of thick socks andwalking around your house in them for a few hours. This will stretch all the areas that otherwise might pinch your feet

Who See’s Red

Is it the chinese flag, is it Melania’s red dress or is it Donald’s red tie…..are they indicating they have unity…or is it Melania again in the background  sending her statement loud and clear that she is in “fashion color control” sending her lucky red message for all to see.

Lets also notice the chinese wore shades of blue…i guess it pays homage to the USA.


The new health care bill that promised everything but delivered a big fat ZERO….well we see Melania’s fashion reaction when the bill was withdrawn from a vote.  She has the “choke hold” dress on…hmmm.. here is someone who understands what is really going on..


The fashion industry is trying to be creative or trying to get more sales.  To buy the highwaisted pants one has to realize that the balance of the body will be cut off at the waist.  If you have a larger waist then your hips …this is a big “hell no”  for your body type. If you are short and not extremely thin, again, “hell no”.

If you are older, a basic explanation why you would not want your pants cinched at the waist, as you get older your breasts drop slightly and you develop a high hip. This gives an appearance of a shorting of the distance from your breasts to your hips, When this measurement is smaller, you appear shorter.  Models have a longer torso then the rest of us, they have what fashion designers call a body of 9 heads tall while the rest of us may have a body that is 7.5 to 8 heads tall.   Wearing high heels, lowering the waistline, wearing one color top to bottom, wearing clothing with a visual line that carries our eye away from our shortcomings…well this gives an illusion that you are more than your 8 heads tall.


I give up….the new runway shoe socks are just goofy.  They cut off the leg at the wrong part.  The color is white so look odd against the skin color 9foat people.  They come with spiked heels which look glamorous but with shoe sock takes the look into a strange new avenue.

If shoes ok would be wool or cotton and worn with clogs I could get on board but this look appears to be an intent to disrupt and for attention.  Sadly, fake fashions taste will jump on this band wagon as people don’t dress to look better they dress to appear fashionable.


One may like Trump, one may hate Trump but no one can argue with the fact that Melania  is a “Fashion Trump Card”.  She knows the pussybow along with the Jackie understated, sophisticated statement suit.  How one wears their clothing along with the underlying message that is sent via color or style is fully understood by this ex-model. Her inaugural outfit which is not Ivanka Princess Party mode but rather a futuristic, trend setting, fashionable  statement of calm, sophistication that makes one wonder if we have under estimated this 3rd Trump wife.

melane 3melanie 6

Who Can Judge Your Outfit

I laugh when I hear a badly dressed person making rude comments about another persons outfit.  What can you say to this person….you can listen…you can laugh …or you can cut them off and tell them they have terrible taste.  They, of course, will not believe you as in their mind they have excellent fashion sense.

It is funny, it is sad but above all is it uncomfortable to be part of this conversation.  Of course, the only way to take these kind of comments …would be to listen and learn something about your friend. You can understand what they find fashionable leading you to a better grasp of their taste and of course making it easy for you to fix them up,  buy them a gift or take them to an event.

Today, my friend noticed a guy with cropped pants and a small fedora. She felt this outfit was not a very desirable ensemble.  I, on the otherhand, felt the guy looked very cool and was expressing himself in a very confident  manner in what he was wearing.

Being fashionable can mean different things to different people.  Being acceptable, fitting in or being on trend are all arbitrary depending on who you speak to. Only accept the opinion of those you respect and love the way they look.  This does not mean you will be loved or accepted for what you are wearing  but you will be comfortable and happy in your own clothes.