Hopefully whatever your wearing will bring some serenity into your life.  Feeling comfortable in your clothing is the first step to being in fashion.

For example, we have these two people in Paris.  They may be wearing comfortable shoes but they have overworked to create this failed fashionista appearance.  From my perspective, photo 1 with the black jacket the knee hugging denim and a layering of a tshirt was way too many pieces of clothing.  The camouflage outfit was trying to send a message of on trend but instead the message is “give me some attention” I’m trying to be cool. I would have worn just the jacket or the pants..and created a look instead of something pre created for you to wear. Being fashionable is not a uniform or another persons creation it is an art form that projects an image of who you are and if you manage to achieve a look that is acceptable to the majority of the people and makes you look attractive well Voila! success.

As an added note…remembering that when most people find you look good in an outfit you are in the acceptable range you fit into what society feels is correct…when you step out of the acceptable and become a fashion leader..well it takes a while for people to come around to your way of thinking.


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