Who Can Judge Your Outfit

I laugh when I hear a badly dressed person making rude comments about another persons outfit.  What can you say to this person….you can listen…you can laugh …or you can cut them off and tell them they have terrible taste.  They, of course, will not believe you as in their mind they have excellent fashion sense.

It is funny, it is sad but above all is it uncomfortable to be part of this conversation.  Of course, the only way to take these kind of comments …would be to listen and learn something about your friend. You can understand what they find fashionable leading you to a better grasp of their taste and of course making it easy for you to fix them up,  buy them a gift or take them to an event.

Today, my friend noticed a guy with cropped pants and a small fedora. She felt this outfit was not a very desirable ensemble.  I, on the otherhand, felt the guy looked very cool and was expressing himself in a very confident  manner in what he was wearing.

Being fashionable can mean different things to different people.  Being acceptable, fitting in or being on trend are all arbitrary depending on who you speak to. Only accept the opinion of those you respect and love the way they look.  This does not mean you will be loved or accepted for what you are wearing  but you will be comfortable and happy in your own clothes.


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