The fashion industry is trying to be creative or trying to get more sales.  To buy the highwaisted pants one has to realize that the balance of the body will be cut off at the waist.  If you have a larger waist then your hips …this is a big “hell no”  for your body type. If you are short and not extremely thin, again, “hell no”.

If you are older, a basic explanation why you would not want your pants cinched at the waist, as you get older your breasts drop slightly and you develop a high hip. This gives an appearance of a shorting of the distance from your breasts to your hips, When this measurement is smaller, you appear shorter.  Models have a longer torso then the rest of us, they have what fashion designers call a body of 9 heads tall while the rest of us may have a body that is 7.5 to 8 heads tall.   Wearing high heels, lowering the waistline, wearing one color top to bottom, wearing clothing with a visual line that carries our eye away from our shortcomings…well this gives an illusion that you are more than your 8 heads tall.


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