Sexy or Fashionable that is the question?  I wish it was easy to just roll out of bed throw on your jeans and look fashionable, sexy and comfortable.  Sadly, we are not so lucky as to have this ability.  I’ve noticed some of my girlfriends planning their outfits the night before, others numbering their clothing and accessories. I find this way too much work for me to consider.

I think a basic wardrobe of clothing that works together and gives you a sense of comfort as well as color matched to your look works very well without going to the extremes of lowering your neckline or trying on clothing that make it uncomfortable to sit down, stand up or get any work done.

Lowering your neckline or creating more cleavage is a desperate attempt for those that feel they are losing their looks or their grasp on reality. We don’t have to expose our breasts to feel womanly, feminine or sexy.  If your feeling insecure, it is time to get some therapy or work on what is causing your insecurity