Fashion is exciting, it is eyecandy and it is a method to enhance your presentation.  What really bothers me is that we have these badly dressed, over paid celebrities who give there opinions while wearing some of the more outrageously “ugly” ensembles that one wouldn’t even wear if they were paid.

Can we take a point from our mothers, listen to only those who you respect.  Don’t respect those and listen to them because they are on television.

Some of the more unattractive outfits as of this Oscar 2017 season.  We have an orange lace see through outfit with black panties.  I think the dress is gorgeous but I would have preferred a nude or a more subtly color underneath, even going commando would have been more interesting.

Is this a desperate need to get attention, a desire to push the fashion envelop….not sure but with a beautiful dress that was destroyed by bad judgement.  Then we have Gulianna, yes this dress would be attractive on a person that has fuller figure.  This dress elegantly made the body look longer and thinner with th drape across the shoulder. This is not what Gulianna needs.  She needs something to fill out the bottom and to detract from her very thin arms.  Her hair well…it needs a different it is not adding to this ensemble.  Christie…well she is beautiful, the dress is attractive…what we have here is the problem that the dress color is lost on her. It does not bounce and she does not bounce..obviously, from the photos of her at the Oscars where she was sleeping..this dress is HoHum a yawn.

Scarlett, this dress again is beautiful but the black belt leaves me wondering “why”. My biggest problem is with Scarlett wearing this billowy, wispy dress. With her short punkish hairstyle the dress seems to fight the hairstyle. Her firm body, would have looked more comfortable in a more structured dress. When the dress and the person don’t fit it shows.  I’m wondering where the friends of these reviewers are hiding.  Having beauty and a fabulous body as well as tons of money  does not give one good taste.


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